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Speeding up export tax rebates adds impetus to the development of foreign trade enterprises



Speeding up export tax rebates adds impetus to the development of foreign trade enterprises

Our reporter Bao Xing'an

The State Council executive meeting held a few days ago proposed to speed up the progress of export tax rebates and reduce the average time for tax rebates to less than 6 working days. Experts interviewed by reporters said that speeding up export tax rebates will help ease the pressure on foreign trade enterprises to occupy funds.

Luo Zhiheng, deputy dean and chief macro analyst of the Yuekai Securities Research Institute, told a reporter from the Securities Daily that speeding up export tax rebates can reduce the capital occupation of export companies, improve their anti-risk capabilities, and help stabilize the production and operation expectations of export companies. For export companies, order requirements and raw material costs are crucial influencing factors. In 2022, Chinese export companies may face the recovery and decline of overseas supply, and export growth will return to normal from a high level. For this possible impact, it is necessary to make advance plans for risk response from the fiscal and taxation aspect, and speed up the export tax rebate progress is one of them. .

With the acceleration of enterprises' "going global" pace, my country has repeatedly increased the export tax rebate rate, and has continued to improve the efficiency of export tax rebate services by streamlining export tax rebate processing materials, optimizing tax rebate procedures, and launching a new export tax rebate system. The average processing time for national export tax rebates has been reduced from 13 working days in 2018 to the current 7 working days.

"The impact of the epidemic on our export orders is continuous. The year is approaching, orders have to be delivered, workers' wages, accounts payable and other funds are under great pressure. However, the dividends of the tax reduction and fee reduction policy make the company more confident in production and develop more. Add vitality. Only in the first three quarters, we enjoyed an export tax rebate of 2.4574 million yuan, and the incremental value-added tax rebate was 107.5 million yuan.” said Ran Qiming, the legal person of Sichuan Maikelong Vacuum New Materials Co., Ltd., “exported through the Electronic Taxation Bureau. In the tax refund module, we can submit an export tax refund application at any time, and it only takes two working days to complete the tax refund process."

Zhang Yiqun, deputy director of the Performance Management Committee of the Chinese Institute of Finance, told a reporter from the Securities Daily that speeding up export tax rebates and reducing the time limit for tax rebates will help reduce the tax burden of export enterprises, enhance their ability to allocate funds, and help enterprises better Respond to changes in the international market and stabilize foreign trade exports.

According to Fu Hongxue, Director of the Goods and Labor Tax Division of the Sichuan Provincial Taxation Bureau, since this year, the Sichuan Provincial Taxation Bureau has focused on the development difficulties of manufacturing enterprises, accurately grasped the needs of taxpayers, and ensured that various tax and fee reduction policies and measures are implemented. Especially after the launch of the new export tax rebate system, the export tax rebate declaration form has been deleted by about one-third, and the data items to be filled out have been deleted by about one-fifth. The average declaration efficiency has increased by nearly 30%. The internal and external business processes of the tax department have been optimized simultaneously. It has realized multi-channel full-process contactless "paperless" processing, further adding vitality to helping the market stabilize foreign trade and building a new development pattern for the service economy.

"Stabilizing foreign trade has always been the focus of all regions and departments. In 2021, my country's exports will continue to maintain a good momentum." Luo Zhiheng said that in addition to accelerating export tax rebates and directly benefiting export companies, it can also target high-end manufacturing exports. Enterprises enjoy additional deductions for R&D expenses, reducing their income tax burden. Of course, the tax policy can play an important role, but more importantly, it helps export companies to provide more convenient customs clearance services, stabilize the supply of raw materials, and smooth port transportation.

Zhang Yiqun believes that encouraging foreign trade companies to accelerate their development, better adapt to and effectively connect with the international market, and enhance foreign trade companies' influence and voice in international trade are the keys to the sustainable development of my country's foreign trade and deep-level opening to the outside world. Taxation policies should closely focus on foreign trade development goals. One is to make more flexible use of tax rates, tax rebates and other tools to support the development of foreign trade enterprises, and actively respond to the impact of the epidemic and the decline in international trade activities. The second is to accelerate the pace of regional trade integration. Zero or low tariffs on regional international trade will open up regional international trade markets; the third is to promote differentiated tariff rates, give full play to the advantages of product and service trade, and stabilize and expand international market share.