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China's foreign trade "opens the door" to inject recovery confidence into the global market



China's foreign trade "opens the door" to inject recovery confidence into the global market

In the first spring of the 14th Five-Year Plan, China's foreign trade started steadily. Recently, data from the General Administration of Customs of China showed that in the first quarter, China's foreign trade in cross-border electronic commerce increased by 46.5% year-on-year to reach 419.5 billion yuan; China's trade with the countries along the "the belt and road initiative" increased by 21.4% year on year, reaching 2.5 trillion yuan ... Under the "cold wind" of anti-globalization, China's foreign trade data achieved a "good start", drawing a vigorous recovery curve, which became a vivid epitome of the steady improvement of China's foreign trade in the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", and also became a powerful witness of China's opening up to a new level under the new development pattern.

"Opening up is the only way to develop and progress, and it is also the key to promoting economic recovery after the epidemic." "In the era of economic globalization, openness and integration are an irresistible historical trend. Artificial' building walls' and' decoupling' violate economic laws and market rules and harm others." President Xi Jinping's sonorous words at the opening ceremony of Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2021 are full of wisdom and strength.

Foreign trade connects international and domestic markets and resources. Under the background that the world economy is in a serious recession, China's foreign trade continues to improve, which can better promote the domestic and international double circulation, provide strong support for building a new development pattern, and inject recovery confidence into the global market.

In order to achieve a "good start" in foreign trade data, in addition to a stable industrial chain and supply chain, it is also inseparable from the support of international logistics represented by China-Europe trains. From one spring to another, China-Europe trains have become an important window for the world to observe the "new development pattern of China with double circulation". Relevant data show that in the first quarter, China-Europe trains continued their strong development momentum, with 3,398 trains running and 322,000 TEUs of goods delivered, up by 75% and 84% respectively year on year, with a comprehensive heavy container rate of 96.5%. Under the epidemic situation, international shipping and air transportation have been blocked to varying degrees. However, China-Europe Banlie has built the West-Middle East container transportation exit channel with the advantages of short transportation time, low cost, large transportation capacity, and no personnel quarantine involved, which promotes the countries along Banlie to recover their economies, provides a powerful driving force for the stability of global industrial chain and supply chain, and plays an important role in stabilizing foreign trade.

In order to achieve a "good start" in foreign trade data, the domestic economic resilience and vitality are continuously highlighted, and the strategic and scientific decision-making of the CPC Central Committee is indispensable. The Central Economic Work Conference pointed out that scientific decision-making and creative response are the fundamental methods to turn crises into opportunities. 21 free trade pilot zones formed "yan zhen", and Hainan Free Trade Port set sail; The number of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones has increased to 105, further reducing the negative list of foreign investment access; The integration and development of the new mode of foreign trade and the co-construction of "the belt and road initiative" has added new kinetic energy to the construction of major trade channels such as China-Europe trains and new land-sea channels ... A series of scientific and careful decisions and precise and effective policies have promoted the stability and quality of foreign trade, which has become the basis for China's foreign trade to cope with the impact of the epidemic. Accurately recognize changes, scientifically adapt to changes, and actively seek changes. Foreign trade seeks certainty in uncertainty, and achieves extraordinary achievements in extraordinary years.

With the attention of the world, the 2021 Annual Meeting of Boao Forum for Asia was successfully held in Boao, Hainan with the theme of "Great Changes in the World: Sharing Great Events of Global Governance and Ensembling Strong Sounds of' the belt and road initiative'". As an important platform for opening wider to the outside world, Boao Forum for Asia will further optimize foreign trade and enhance the "gold content" of China's new development pattern. At present, the changes in the past century and the epidemic situation in the century are intertwined and superimposed, and the world has entered a period of turbulent change. The future foreign trade is still full of many uncertainties. We firmly believe that as long as the door is opened wider and wider, we can consolidate the advantages of foreign trade, expand the development space, speed up the formation of a new development pattern, and promote China's economy to seize the opportunities and create greater glories with the benign interaction of domestic and international double circulation. (Cui Wei Yan Mengqiang)