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This year’s Spring Festival travel season is expected to see more than 8.4 billion people move across regions across society



The 40-day Spring Festival Transport in 2024 ended on March 5. The reporter learned from the Ministry of Transport that the cross-regional movement of people across society during the 40 days of Spring Festival this year is expected to exceed 8.4 billion. Specifically, during the 2024 Spring Festival travel period, railway passenger traffic is expected to be 480 million; highway passenger traffic is expected to be 7.83 billion, of which non-commercial passenger car travel on expressways and ordinary national and provincial highways is expected to be 6.72 billion ( Accounting for about 80% of the cross-regional flow of people in the whole society), the highway commercial passenger volume is expected to be 1.11 billion; the waterway passenger volume is expected to be 29 million; the civil aviation passenger volume is expected to be 83 million.

The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Transport said that during the Spring Festival travel period, the national transportation system strengthened overall coordination and dispatch, strengthened capacity guarantee, strengthened safety supervision, strengthened emergency response, and refined plans to deal with severe weather, heavy passenger flow and other situations to allow more people to return home. The journey back is safer, more convenient and more welcoming.