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210 Luxembourg cultural relics arrive in Henan for exhibition, Gallo-Roman knights’ masks will be unveiled



Luxembourg, known as the "Land of Thousands of Castles", has many historical and cultural sites such as castles and rich cultural heritage. In 2018, 145 pieces (groups) of fine cultural relics unearthed in Henan were exhibited in Luxembourg. This was the first time that cultural relics from Henan were exhibited in Luxembourg. This time, a batch of high-quality Luxembourg cultural relics including Gallo-Roman period knight helmets and visors, human-faced containers, Roman Emperor Domitian's gold coins, etc. arrived in Henan and will be displayed at the Henan Museum at the end of March. According to the relevant person in charge of the Henan Museum, this exhibition, tentatively named "Luxembourg Cultural Relics Exhibition", will cross the boundaries of time, space and geography and lead everyone to appreciate more than 200 treasures from the Luxembourg National Museum of Archeology, History and Art. "Each of them has its own story, detailing Luxembourg's historical changes, culture and economic development."

This two-way exchange of cultural relics between the two places also benefited from the Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Aerial Silk Road" international cooperation. This exchange involves a large number and various categories of cultural relics, which are transported across the Eurasian continent and have special requirements for temperature, humidity and transportation time. As the largest all-cargo airline in Europe, Cargolux provides comprehensive guarantees for the transportation of this batch of cultural relics.